Program requirementsexamen
TeacherVincent Danos
Weekly hours 2 h CM
Years Master Logique et Fondements de l'Informatique


This course aims to present the logical and computational foundations of blockchains (communication protocols, game theory), as well as examples of protocols implemented in particular in crypto-currencies and smart-contracts. We will devote a substantial part of the course to the examination of "decentralized finance", i.e. all the existing chain contracts which postpone and in some cases extend financial practices.


  • Communication models and convergence theorems for Nakamoto consensus
  • Games, equilibria, games with commitment and Kakutani-style fixed point theorems.
  • Blockchain protocols: Nakamoto, Tendermint. Economics of equilibria between validators.
  • Economics of Crypto-currencies, tokens.
    • Smart contracts: Swaps- fairness and pricing; double swaps; token pricing. Mixers.


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