Program requirementsexamen
TeacherVincent Danos
Weekly hours 2 h CM


This course aims to present the logical and computational foundations of blockchains (communication protocols, game theory), as well as examples of protocols implemented in particular in crypto-currencies and smart-contracts. We will devote a substantial part of the course to the examination of "decentralized finance", i.e. all the existing chain contracts which postpone and in some cases extend financial practices.


  • Communication models and convergence theorems for Nakamoto consensus
  • Games, equilibria, games with commitment and Kakutani-style fixed point theorems.
  • Blockchain protocols: Nakamoto, Tendermint. Economics of equilibria between validators.
  • Economics of Crypto-currencies, tokens.
    • Smart contracts: Swaps- fairness and pricing; double swaps; token pricing. Mixers.


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